Everyone is a Writer!

 Never written before?  Know you have a writer’s soul but haven’t yet been able to put words to paper and reach your creative core?  Are you already a writer but need to commune more deeply with your inner voice? 

Sharon Israel is certified in the Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) method and incorporates the principles of the AWA into her workshops.  AWA, an international writing organization is founded on the belief that everyone is a writer. AWA supports practiced and emerging voices through it’s proven workshop method.


December, 2019 (time and dates TBD). I’ll be conducting a six-week workshop, through Writers in the Mountains, that will help you dive deep and write through word, object, visual and sound-based prompts.  Your words will flow, your voice and craft will grow each week as you write and have the opportunity to share and discuss your work in a safe environment that will nurture and protect the wildness and truth that you unleash.  Each workshop will provide positive commentary on newly created work and writers will also have the opportunity to bring in written work for review and discussion, again in a safe and supportive environment.  Know that a workshop experience should make you want to write more and more, not less and less. For more information, please contact